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     Photo documentation from the 2nd World War    



In 1939 my father Heinz Andreas was recruited than a young men (20 years) for military service and had confiscated the atrocities of the 2nd World War as a simple soldier first in France and then in Russia. Only 1949 he returned after more than four years in Russian captivity by the hard work in Russian underground mines emaciated and icteric back to his hometown. Moreover, he tells children almost nothing. It must have been horrible!
He documented his soldiers and war time in many black-white photos in two albums stored chronologically. Due to the almost continuous labeling can this time, and the route of his recruits training to the beginning of captivity understand very well. As my father's copies in the war period could drop as ever, and how these photographs and films from Russia in the home were able to reach, is a mystery to me. Unfortunately, the negatives are no longer available. Nine years after the death of my father (1998), the publication of these photos on the Internet recall all viewers to the horrors of the 2nd World War II and for the peace warning! It is not a glorification of war and Nazi terror! What gaps 2 World War has torn our family, shows the death of four uncle in age between 20 and 28 years, all in the last two years of war in Russia have fallen.

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A small brown and a large green photo album. Many pages and the photos are a total of 828 with the date and place on it. Click one of the 6 images of this page and the documentation begins. Less easy to read captions because cursive in the green album has been almost entirely by me "translated". Unclear word interpretations particularly for local information are also marked in yellow, as well as comments from me.

The Brown Album (A4) begins with the recruit training, ends in Paris and is fully on the first 38 pages with 268 photographs.

The large album from page 39 to 91 are the war experiences in Russia on 53 pages documented. These 560 photos were due to the size of the original album (A3) is a less good quality set.


The copyright of all the photographs and photo pages lies with Christoph Andreas, Straelen. An industrial and commercial use is strictly prohibited. An expression is only aware of inferior in quality. A link to this page, in the above sense, like permits, I disassociate myself from a link in the right-wing and war glorification websites.